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Threat of Messianic Movements to State and Regime Security: A Case Study of the Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) PDF Kitap

Threat of Messianic Movements to State and Regime Security: A Case Study of the Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) PDF Kitap İndir
Through the entire history, the idea of “messianism” have not only been utilized to influence members of religion but was also used being an effective instrument to get political power. Apart from it, it had been a leverage to legitimize terror through instigators. As studies show, you can find examples to exert relations between messianism and terror.
Because the initial Jewish Messianic Terror example ever sold, Zealots had used Messianism because the legitimization tool for his or her terror. While Assassins represent a prominent exemplory case of Messianic Terror within the 13th century with the East, the Crusaders have marked the planet history of the center Ages with Christianity motivated terror. We’ve seen exactly the same motives through the French Revolution within the 18th century. In virtually all centuries, the idea of messianism have been used either to legitimize violent actions or attract more supporters, dedicated members or lately, devoted suicide bombers.
Recently, terrorism studies worried about “New Religious Cults, Sects or New Religious Movements”, are mostly, connected with religious messianic and apocalyptic cults. To be able to justify their illegitimate activities, these groups attribute their actions to divine motivations, mission of prophecy and messianic entity. Because they make use of the spiritual needs and goodwill of individuals they can transform into terrorist groups and these groups; “messianic cults” can pose the same amount of threat or higher to public and state security.
The Fetullah Gülen Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) is a hierarchically organized international network and its leader Fetullah Gülen has absolute command and direct control over the entire structure. His followers act as a secretive and clandestine network loyal to his instructions as an unquestionable and divine authority. With these aspects, the organization contains strong messianic notions. For half a century Gülenists infiltrated the Turkish bureaucracy, including military judiciary and security establishments, while conducting business and education activities related to Turkey around the world. Especially from 2013 on, FETÖ openly and directly carried out unconventional, unresting and asymmetric attacks against the state and regime security of Turkey, which are not to be confined as acts of an ordinary religious network, as disclosing its real objectives. Finally, a pro-FETÖ junta in the army attempted a coup attempt on 15 July 2016, resulting in several hundred deaths and leaving many wounded. These experiences show the need to better define and categorize FETÖ and its engagement with terrorism.
This book conceptualizes FETÖ like a messianic cult that evolved into a terrorist organization.

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